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Craig Melstrand

Artist Display Network has chosen Craig Melstrand as June's featured artist!


Self-taught artist Craig Melstrand always had a love for drawing, but the development of his skills became obvious in his high school years. Craig always had a knack for working with his hands, and he found himself working as a carpenter early in his professional career. His artistic eye comes through clearly in his finish carpentry. Craig soon moved from working the hammer to working his drafting tools, drawing up blueprints for his clients. He currently designs the perfect kitchen remodel or any home improvement with an artistic touch. Craig always stays busy with work but also gives himself time for his artwork. He recently has taken on photography and enjoys being outside to capture that perfect nature scene.


Congratulations Craig Melstrand! Artist Display Network is proud to have you in our artist community. Your creations are an inspiration to us, and we look up to you like a big brother!

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